Wild Honey Suckle Handwash in the summer.

Sunflowers, wheat fields, and gazing up through the treesI gaze into your eyes, asking if you’ll run,
will you be mine, and I yours

I wanna run wild,
earth beneath my feet

The Sun dressing my body . . .
I am free
Will you be,

dare I say,

With me!


But as I stare I can not help but to become lost in the vasteness of your eyes
so Great,
& wide,
Expansive, like the sky, which sits above the earth
beneath my feet


My nostrils breathe you in while the wind dances around my face.

Then revelation,
I realize that while gazing into your eyes I have already begun running


and I am free

and you are with me.

*Written: In my car while waiting for bible study to start, I started staring up into the trees, as the sun was going down, casting it’s rays through the branches of the trees.
*The reason for the title: I came home and put out a new bottle of bath &body works hand wash it was: wild honey suckle. The smell reminded me of looking up into the trees, which reminded me of summer.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

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