Eww Flush That!

So today I walked into the bathroom on my college campus, and immediately my mind went to all the topics that get discussed in the “girls room.”

My mind zeroed in on the girly middle/high school topic of hating your body image.

Those girls use to annoy me so much picking and prodding at themselves. It was like a game of who can tear themselves down the best: fortunately for me I sucked at that game. It was especially annoying to watch the girls weighing 50lbs who pinch their bones and exclaim, “I’m so fat.” It was frustrating to even watch the bigger ones whine about wanting to be skinnier.

Then my thought process was interrupted by a mom voice saying, “God made you that way.” I laughed hysterically on the inside of course because, I was still in the bathroom someone would have thought I was crazy. Anyway you know those parents and pastors who would always use that saying. Love yourself, because that’s the way God made you. I never challenged it because, it got some girls to stop complaining about what they looked like and it made chunkier kids feel better about themselves.

but today in the bathroom I challenged this saying . . .

God didn’t make us this way.

God didn’t make you as a full grown man or woman, he only did that for Adam & Eve.

God also didn’t make McDonalds

God didn’t make transfat, and stick it in our food.

God didn’t endorse debbie snacks, soap operas, nor lazy susans.

God definitely did not come up with all you can eat buffets.

God’s word does however tell us not to be gluttons!

Seriously though, if you don’t like something about you that you can change seek God about it, ask Him how to do it, and then do it!

So in the issue of weight if you are an unhealthy weight then stop eating the snack cakes and GO Run. If you are a skinny 50lb woman don’t look in the mirror close your eyes put your hands on your sides if you can feel your ribs sticking out, GO Eat something.

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