Today feels not like one of those easy breezy free days let your hair blow in the wind going 60mph singing so loud to awesome tunes.

Though I wish it was.

Instead today is the day where I feel stalked by a 150 watt bulb controlled by DMX-512 compatible controller that can find me and spot me out anywhere on this stage that I call life.

A blank canvas, a clear floor, a can of spray paint, I’d take a crayon, there’s a need for expression.

There is no flow but constipation sits in its place.

A breach is what’s needed, who or what can infultrate this system.

The curtain raises every day and on days like today I am thrusted upon the stage with out a script and the light spots me out . . .

move SPEAK dance SHOUT entertain entertain entertain

who is my audience, they can’t always be seen because sometimes the 150 Watt bulb shines right into my eyes blocking out one of the most needed five. so i stumble and eventually I faLL

standing back up, yes that’s a must

All access denied, not just to you, but to everyone, but maybe just especially you.

sometimes there’s applause, laughter, coNFUsion, pitty, anger. along the middle is the worst

no one pays to see this show infact i’ve bribed the audience to watch it, for if i act on this stage but there is no audience then who will know that there was ever a play enacted

right here

there is no code no acronym to describe but there is a key that you can have hidden misplaced lost no


let the ropes go and KNOCK.

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