Grab the scissors and the tongs we’re going into surgery.

Only God can extract those things that are deep within us.

People, things, songs and etc. may be able to make the deep things surface; afterwards they simply shrink back into the limitless depth of darkness.

The world walks around burdened longing for a purging, for a little up chuck, better yet some hardcore surgery. So we call and we try to make an appointment with Dr. Love Mercy & Peace but we become frustrated, anxious, and fearful, because we can’t get through to make an appointment. We become more ill and the infection spreads untill there is nothing left of us. We’ve allowed the infection to feed upon us for so long: an appointment just could not be made in time.

So now time has ended and we stand in front of Almighty Just Righteous & Holy and He asks why our bodies are in rot answered with our stories of pursuit to make an appointment with the doctor. Almighty takes a white coat next to Him and dresses in it. He picks up  a clipboard and thumbs through some attached papers and He replies “you had an appointment it was at the exact time you found out you were infected and I prescribed you many words and ordered you to see me every day after”.  . . Silence. . . Dr. Almighty explains to us that there’s nothing He can do now and we are pointed towards the exit.

The door knob cold . . .

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