What if these so called -ships sank.

Our lives revolve around -ships that deal with relating.

One very important ship that rests in the harbor of relations is the great and mighty friend-ships:

These vary from small to gigantic. Some are adorned from top to bottom, others are slick & simple, then there are some that look somewhat abandoned yet functioning.

As I look around this harbor at all of the varying ships I can only wonder who owns which ships and as to how much ships like these would cost and if bought are they easy to sell if I no longer wish to have the same one or until I decide to upgrade. 

My thoughts interrupted by a faint sensation of something in my hands which i hadn’t noticed until now, a can of polish and a rag. The words, “which ones shall I polish today” escape my lips. 

I know exactly where I am, (turning my head) yes, there’s the sign it reads “Avalon Relates Harbor”. This is my harbor and these are my -ships. Still, there are so many how did I possibly pay for these all. Oh wait I remember some were given to me and some cost me almost everything at the moment. Yea, those two great ones over there cost me time, trust, and honesty. That nice sleek little one over there cost me a smile, an hour of listening and half a bagel.

Now what are those ships doing out there in front of my harbor why aren’t they docking?

(pain, fear, anxiety, vulnerability, butterflies, and a lump in my throat)

Those are the ones that I have made offers on, but the owners have yet to deny or accept. However there’s one in particular that’s out there the most beautiful one, I have never owned one like it. 

It is a new kind of -ship to me and I’m not quite sure how to bid on it.

This -ship in particular could change everything in my harbor. So how much for it . . .

Smiles, time, trust . . . I’m willing to give it. Anything whatever the price my offer is out on the table.

vu, vul, vuln, vulne, vulner, vulnera, vulnerability . . . breathe . . . lump in my throat, cough , cough. So what does the owner think of the offer.

Denied, Rejection, but 

but what? what must I do to get & keep this -ship?

Tell me what to do   to relate   to you.


One thought on “What if these so called -ships sank.

  1. These are very cool! You should speak in allegory all the time. Its very complex, but still understandable. After reading this one I think I understand the other now! 🙂

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