Breakthrough on an offer . . . . Accepted?

So I received a call from the owner of the most beautiful ship that sits in front of my harbor. 

It surprised me, because I thought the ship had long sailed away.

So what did the owner say? Well it is communicated to me that I have misread and that what I perceived to be my rejection was simply a counter on my offer.

Sooo this meant I had a chance at still owning this ship which is like no other I have ever possessed. I had to move fast so I called up the owner and got straight to point no fluff I just shot straight:

vu, vul, vuln, vulne, vulner, vulnera, vulnerability . . . breathe . . . lump in my throat, cough , cough

deep breathe in . . . dialing, ringing, an answer, and a Hello . . .

-Okay  I have been notified that there is a counter to my offer on the table so could you please tell me what the counter is? I promise no price is to high I will pay as much in relating as you want.

“Well in response to your offers, to the first: I do not want smiles I would much more prefer gazes.”

-Alright well gazes will cost me allot I won’t be able to spend them on seeing other things, but they’re  yours what else do you want.

“When it comes to the time you offered I am fine with that, but it will be written in the contract that it is long term, meaning no weak payment of minutes, hours, and days. I want your full payment months, years, and possibly a life time.”

-Wow ok this is steep however there’s is no question that I want this ship so a life time is what I will pay. Is that all?

“No, remember this is a counter to your offers . . . all of your them. So to your last offer of trust I would require that with the docking of my ship you remove all walls that have been erected around your harbor and an agreement that no boundaries be put up in place of those walls.”

-Ha well those walls have been up for quite some time, some longer than others. I don’t think you understand exactly what you are asking me to do some of those walls are unstable and could cause damage coming down. I could have some major safety code problems on my hands.  

“Well you kind of already do for the reason that the walls are still standing, they are hazardous and will be until they come down. I am not willing to dock this ship with in your walls. Besides I know you have insurance, so your worries are void.”

-Ok good point. You’ve got a deal.

-Where’s the contract, where do I sign?

“Well one more thing, I know your Harbor is named ‘Avalon Relates’, but I need you to know that this ship is not like one you’ve ever owned and you can’t relate to it. Though, as you provide upkeep: working and polishing it transformation will happen. Yes on the ship, but also on you and as you’ll learn soon while maintaining this ship you will become more like the original owner who made tis ship. You see as you learn how this ship works and has to be kept your mindset will change to that of the original owners, because no one knows the ship better. Therefore no that you cannot just use this ship to relate to, but that this particular ship is going to require change, transformation, metamorphoo(for the greek scholars).

– – – – – –

So it’s taken about two weeks for the contract to be drafted and totally read over, but now it is in my hands ready to be signed and I am ready to sign it. I just need a pen . . . hold on I have one . . . I always carry one . . . I don’t have one . . . I am not prepared to sign it.

-Uhhm do you think I could borrow one of your pens to sign this contract.

“No, but only because this contract can’t be signed with a pen. Here you can borrow these I brought them specifically for you to sign the contract for this particular ship with.”

My face warming what is this weird sensation, it’s not completely foreign, I know that I have felt it before, I just don’t that often. 

My palms are sweaty, why am I shaking . . . my breathe becoming short

My eyes are becoming sore 

wait . . . the papers are wet 

I’m crying.

“Thank you for your signature”

-I will cherish this ship.







Though there are still some ships sitting outside my harbor this last ship that I’ve just obtained will be in my harbor forever it has already begun to change everything about my harbor. So to the ships that are docked and will some day be bought or sold and for the ones that sit waiting to reject or accept a bid. You are all special, but none are adorned like this one and it’s the one I most cherish.

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