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So  tomorrow starts the first day of school also beginning the start to the rest of the year for me.  2009 has been an interesting year to say the least and there is a chock full of events planned this fall. My schedule is totally bogged down with school, work, and ministry stuff Monday through Thursday and my weekends will be filled with youth stuff, church events, and friends wedding events. 2009 shall truly be a full year I hope it continues to go by as swiftly as it is, because I feel as though 2010 will be considerably slowed down and I know there will be a moment in which I will look around seeing that everything & everyone has been changed.

I like change it helps to push one out of a comfort zone making things a bit uncomfortable, but on the upside there is that element of newness which I can’t wit to explore.

hmmm . . .

This season of life I’m really hoping to make strides in learning how to cultivate Godly relationships with the depth they are supposed to have. Have you noticed that we as Christians and western people in general have easily fallen into this shallow way of living life. The way we speak to one another, the time we give to each other, and what we truly know about others is all on this shallow level.

I don’t want that! I want to love deeply meeting everyone I come in contact with open ready to listen, love, and comfort.

That is a big thing the western world is missing unlike in Africa where you can obviously see the needs of the malnourished,  poor, and abused.

Well we have the same thing over here except:

we are abused with high levels of sarcasm and rejection,

we are poor in generosity and true happiness because we are to busy hording to get what we want that we truly miss the point of prosperity which is to enjoy and help one another,

we are malnourished in the area of love and time. Just like in Africa the sign we see over the television of starving bloated bellies are usually marked by the swarming  around of flies; in America instead of flies our malnutrition is marked by the endless amount of ads on television for depression pills and so on.

We have lots to work on and I meet the challenge ready to succeed and then  fail but always pursuing the end goal (God’s love)

Galatians 5:14 (New King James Version)

14 For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

. . . uh huh

So this year has also contained so far lots of good ice cream. I’ve always had this love relationship with ice-cream mhmmm but this year my taste in flavors changed a bit. Haagen Dazs coffee and and mint chocolate chip two flavors I couldn’t stand as a kid  are now my favorites.

Okay now I must go to bed so that I can wake up super early for class ooo ya

lalala 2009 oh come on 2010 so many thoughts so many changes ahhh how am I ever going to fall asleep my mind is going at 100mph bahahaha ahhhh

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