You, yes, YOU!

My life is so much more important than I realize. I often times forget to focus and live my life as though it were not my own yielding to serve those around me constantly.  It is so easy to get wrapped up in the production called “Self”  I do all it takes to keep the stage lit even when there is not an audience. Playing the roles, adorning the stage, and making costumes can become so tiring. I was not called to be a one person show.

I want to be the supporting cast member, the backstage help, the curtain puller, the wardrobe attendant, the make up artist, I want to be in the audience standing cheering for you, and I want to be the janitor that will clean up after the show if it means serving Him.

He is everything to me and you are everything to Him. Therefore you are everything to me and I long to please His heart so you I shall love and serve.

I have been placed  in places and relationships that I want far from, but it’s not about what I want. I need help from Him I need my vision corrected to see and wisdom to discern what needs to be. I’m never anywhere by mistake or chance whether it’s comfortable or uncomfortable. Praying, discerning, and looking to serve is what I should be doing.

The focus of this journey I am taking is not about me, but you and Him which then involves me.

Someone is needing me to fast and pray, another is looking for a smile, that other is waiting for me to speak. A situation is needing peace brought to it, a relationship is needing love and honesty to come forth.

I am needed,

I was made for you and you for me,

We were all made for each other,  intended to serve one another!

Oh yes, life is so dull and tasteless when the focus is self

but you are the salt of the earth

and oh how you flavor my life.

That revelation is such a sweet taste.

I want to partake of this life daily tasting of the sweetness of servitude.

I’m in love with Him . . . my Friend


I love you!!! Truly I do and it would be my honor to serve you.


John 15:12

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

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