Frustrated Yet Appreciative

I absolutely can not stand how at times I am able to have such deep sweet revelation of God’s love and then find myself not using it. I  am all about His love it is one of my favorite subjects to study; I long to walk in His love day and night  being filled and pouring out what I have on others.

There’s just one little thing though that gets in the way.

Isn’t that just always the case there’s always just “some thing” hindering us . . . from perfection. Stupid sin I can’t wait for my resurrected body and to rule and reign with Jesus.

Anyway back on topic so the spirit of offense. Ahhh that is always a little thing that pops up trying to take hold and steer my emotions and thoughts. Booo spirit of offense booooo!!!!!! I can’t stand feeling offended, I wish overwhelming love would rise up inside me and take over. I have learned and am still learning that it is a process. The deeper I go in God’s love learning and getting revelation on things the less I become offended.

In those moments where offense rises up in me I quickly combat it with all the love of God inside me.  It’s just still frustrating when offense pops it’s ugly little demonic head up and tries to take authority, but hey we are in a spiritual battle right. Yes, yes my friends indeed we do not war against flesh and blood but against principalities and spiritual darkness. So I will continue to fight the fight pursuing the first commandment.

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