Mundane Spontaneity

I have a headache, a swirl of thoughts in my head, while listening to semi loud chaotic music (which suprisingly is not making my headache worse, but is helping).

I love kids = I wish I could have an orphanage, but we don’t have those in America.

I need to explore and find a big empty field so I can have a big messy painting party.

I wish I lived in a cottage inside a village, ?Yes!

and I . . .

dislike how stubborn and independant I can be at times, boo for that. That is culture in America, big on isolation, independence,and selfishness. Ooo oo I tell ya some times I just wanna round house kick in the face . . . Community, we need community.

School is almost out summer is on its way, no more TCC muah ahaha

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