Shower Epiphanies *THE BEST THINGS EVER*

I have had an Epiphany not just any epiphany though . . . a Shower epiphany! Oh my goodness I am so excited yet on the brink of tears! Anyone who knows me knows that I am an all or nothing person. I’m either all in or not at all. So when it comes to what career I choose in life has made it a bit tricky over the past couple of years. I refuse to  just choose a career and work for the rest of my life in a field I am not completely passionate about.

This past week has been the worst week of the just down and out “God you have given me dreams and things I would like to see accomplished, but what do you want me to do as a career” feelings.

To make it worse my school coach (at my university each student gets a coach on top of an advisor, that checks in with you once a week) calls and this very same topic comes up. She breaks out her magical bag of questions; I call them magical, because they can analyze and get to the bottom of things so quickly. I guess it’s probably, because they’ve been doing it so long. Any way to make a long story short we end up discussing other majors and she tells me to just do some research on some of the other things and we’ll talk next week.

Here I am left again with even more of the bum “i dunno” “i dunno” feelings I’d been having this week.

Then I took a shower and washed my hair  . . .

Don’t worry there will be a part two of what the epiphany actually was. I have some stuff I need to go get done real quick.

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