The Chase

So the bestie just texted me questioning how I was chasing down the dream, which was actually going to be my next post later today. So I have just decided to take a break from the dreaded hmk (hehehe: procrastination) to post now.

So my chase has begun with LOTS of research about private institutions, regulations, legal things all the boring yet hidden foundational stuff. Also with a fun part of just brainstorming curriculum wise and school format. I have a big binder I have dedicated to this topic and it’s getting full quickly lol.

I’m also considering changing my major to art education, so with the dream and mind I have been weighing the pros and cons of that one. I will wait and talk to my advisor on that one.

The most complicated thing by far is figuring out where this is going to go down. Location effects states rules and regulations; also after figuring out where it is going to be I would like to live their to establish relationships with whatever bank I will be wanting to use as well as networking with key people in the community. Location is a big deal . . . so pray for me por favor.

The sad thing to say is I keep seeing it set in Tallahassee; mainly all my dreams are set there. I mean it’s not such a terrible thing, honestly I have a huge heart for my city and I feel the weight of its destiny on my heart. I’ve always pictured tally as being my first home lol and me just traveling ever so often. My license has to be renewed in April and I have planned to go home from wherever I am to renew it their hahaha. Honestly I don’t want to be a citizen of anywhere else. Plus I see some of my friends being very key components in this one day. However I don’t know if I can bring myself to saying sure I’ll move back some day, blah 😦 sad face sad face/ a little happiness lol. Ahhhh I dunno, this one will take some serious prayer.

Also apart of the chase is still paying off my school loans, loans=no bueno. Which I will be doing in Texas this up coming season in my life :p

2 thoughts on “The Chase

  1. this has moved to the very tip top of my prayer list: avalon’s awesome art school will be located in Tally ho in the name of Jesus! ….. yes, it may be kind of a selfish prayer, but we’re all guilty of that sometimes, right?! 😉

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