Fremily Highlight

shmavy personality #1 (English accent): Fremily, you say????

shmavy personalit #2 (also English accent): Yes, fremily. You know a friend who is also considered family.

shmavy personality #1: Oh yes yes, but of course.


Introducing . . . (cue video [yes that means you! Press Play])




This is my friend, sister, counselor, fellow assassin in the heavenlies, and many more things . . .

This picture reminds me that wow Michellie turns 26 next year, hmm I should remind her of that hehehe.

Michelle is highly intelligent, but she has her blonde moments (especially when she is really tired pahaha). She is a bible nerd and she is passionate about living a life fully given to the Lord. She loves justice and understands the power of prayer and fasting. She also has a fab voice, piano skills and is a closet song writer.


Michelle is married to another one of the vip, mvp, most greatest people in Avalon’s life: ADAM . . . but he will get his own fremily highlight some other time. If you wanna see the closest thing to what the Mister and I will look like some day they are it. However, since I lack Michelle’s cautiousness in some areas and favor Adam in areas like being a pyro; then my husband will need a couple of cautious bones in his body.


These are rosies Michelle bought me. They are the best flowers I have ever received and I don’t even like roses, but this were spectacular. She got them from this magical hot-house or something.


No this is not a real prego picture 😦 , sad to say. She refuses to give up the goods in the form of kiddos. She keeps giving me this God hasn’t said yet deal, ya know some lame excuse like that or something, lol. She is probably the only friend that if she was having a baby I would so move back home, aww yay lil baby V :D.

We are crazy and weird without any apologies. I miss our:

Occasional dance sessions in the living room and even though dancing is not her thing she still does it and it makes me smile. Which that reminds me we still have to a musical to finish writing.

Getting waken up really early for a wardrobe question.

Being around when she is really excited (when she is excited about something, she gets really excited lol).

Long talks about whatever.

Random kissies & hugs and my getting to squirm, scream, sigh and give up ;p.

Free front row concerts and previews of new songs.

. . . and everything else.

Michelle is amazing. End of story.

2 thoughts on “Fremily Highlight

  1. aww yay! I love you so much friend.
    I can’t wait until you come home to visit. And we get to spend some time at Onething.

    Love you so much!!! Thanks darling. 🙂

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