Mi Madre

Oh I love her, but sometimes she is crazy lol. Okay so my mom has a continual issue with buying things for me. What is the issue you say, well let me explain: 1st she gives asks me what I want or I tell her what I want. 2nd she gets me something similar to that, but never what I ask for :/ arrrrggghhh.

Examples you say:

Well for my birthday (I think it was for my bday) I really wanted a specific easel and when I say specific I mean specific. I gave her options, but specified if you want to get me an easel I only want this certain one. What did she get me an easel and no one near the one I wanted.

Tonight my mom asks me again about which phone I want her to order for me. I give her my four choices in order and I tell her specifically pick either one of the four. What does she do? She picks a totally different one . . . really, really!

I can no longer get angry about these things I just have to laugh now in days. My mom has good intentions, but can be really horrible at buying things for me. The part that gets me the most is with purchases like these she hounds me asking specifically what I want??? I don’t get it, maybe she has this inside joke where she asks just so she can not get specifically what I want, so not funny :p!

So, I will probably be returning this phone for another like all of the other similar but not what I asked for purchases.

Oh moms, ya gotta love em.

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