Just when I thought I was off the hook :/

I had been taking piano lessons over the past year, but right before I left I had to take a break to finish my last month of school and get prepared to leave. During that time I felt a little in the wrong, guilty, convicted; whatever you want to call it I just felt bad.

You see the whole reason I started taking piano lessons was because of some words people had gotten, also I kept having these dreams about me playing or people asking me to play (more in-depth than that, but too much to explain) and sing.

To stop those reel of dreams I said ok God I don’t know what this is all about, but I will learn. You see I am all about the guitar and drums pretty much anything that rocks (excluding my love for cello and trombone), but I’d never really been into the piano.  So why this??? I dunno.

Anyway I move and the piano thing keeps popping in my head every so often, but for the most part I thought oh maybe God forgot (lack of wisdom moment #31,365).

Today Danny Silk preached on righteousness/courage and being ourselves. Courageously stepping out and being who we are and not hiding parts of us that we don’t think will be excepted and so on and so forth. It was a great message I didn’t feel overly touched or that I’d been lacking in that area; I just took the lesson as a reminder.

At the end he has us hold one another s’ hand and pray for God’s glory to be revealed in them and they’d have courage to be who it is that God has made them. Service is over, I get up to leave to make space for the next arriving crowd. When I look down to this apologetic, sorry to disturb you, God is making me do this face of the guy who’d been sitting next to me with his family.

He asked my name and said do you play piano. I said no totally not even acknowledging the fact that I ‘d taken lessons this past year. I turned around to leave then it smacked me in the face, it being all the dreams and words. Then I turned around and there the dad was now standing with this hmm well this may make no sense but I need to tell ya face. I said sorry and explained I’d actually taken lessons, but am not proficient yet, that I’d had dreams and words about the same thing.

So he goes on to tell me that he saw me playing and singing and others standing around me and as they were listening to me they were receiving the presence of God and what God had for them that they needed to receive.

As I walked to my car I thought to myself: He (being God) just thinks He is sooo funny. God has ways of smoothly slipping things back in front of our faces that we like to pretend He has forgotten.

Hmm, so guess I will be doing some research about furthering my lessons ya.

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