Wisdom from above . . .

Talked to mi madre . . . Talked about a lot of things. To put it simply: I’m not moving to Texas anymore. I’m staying put where God told me come to until He tells me to leave. Yes, in all of my logic, in all human logic ones mind would say yes go stay with your sister live rent free work your butt off and pay off your school loan then go continue to follow the Lord wherever He leads.

Being in this position recently where I don’t feel as though I have clarity it was nice to feel a sharp knife cute through the blur. It surprisingly enough God used my mother to do it lol; for anyone who know me would know why I find it funny. My mother and I most of the time don’t see eye to eye on things and I’m a bit stubborn as well when it comes to her. She says go left and I stick my tongue out while running right (not in a disrespectful way, you’d just have to know us to understand.

Anyhoo this woman who can so easily get me infuriated just spoke words wisdom and clarity into a cloud of dismay and doubt. She reminded me of the different things God spoke to me about moving here, how He provided and got me here. She also put me in my place and reminded me about the wrongs of getting up and moving when God hasn’t said yet and about how if we aren’t operating under the spirit or direction of God then we are moving in our own might.

I feel like I was in a really stale stuffy room and someone opened a door and let in fresh air. I’m glad  my mom decided to randomly bring up the situation. I’m glad my mom prays for me.

The End

P.S. As I will be staying I won’t be able to make it home for Christmas. Bills baby bills :/ whomp whomp love you all.

❤ from the west coast

One thought on “Wisdom from above . . .

  1. I’m glad you’ve gotten some fresh air, friend. but i’m also very sad that I won’t see you at Christmas time 😦 I LOVE YOU!

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