tea makes me pee

Yep I said it!!!!!!! In all crassness I said it lol.

I wonder some times if it’s just me or not. Tea goes right through me though and if your wondering this of so transparent post has been prompted by my currently favorite cold Starbucks drink.

Not actually pictured above, but my drink is a: Shaken Iced Green Tea Lemonade unsweetened with a scoop of matcha. It’s a must try please do.

So I have literally peed like 20 times in the past hour after drinking a cup.

Does tea make a river run through you or is it just me?

I should probably research why this is. I will put it on the to do list.

One thought on “tea makes me pee

  1. tea (like coffee) is a natural diuretic. (I believe it is actually the caffiene…or maybe the tannins?? idk) So yea…you are normal it does that to everyone 🙂 I love you friend and I miss you!! Are you going to one thing??? SAY YES! SAY YES!

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