Thoughtful Thursday

– one potato, two potato, three potato . . .

– Sometimes I feel like this life is going way to fast and I wonder if I will ever be able to master the letting go of the reigns fully to God living content in His will.

– I very much so despise where I’m at in my spiritual life right now. It feels like so much is going on inside and around me, most of it beyond my comprehension and I know not how to flow with God on this one. I try putting systems in place of things to do, yet this is beyond my organized fixes. My daily devotion to reading and praying lags along with my desire. Very icky place.

– I love hoodies and yes I am wearing one at the moment šŸ˜‰

– Is Mr. Darcy around the corner I really hope he is for life beside him I think would yield much happiness and love that we would add to the world.

– I can’t wait to get my gym membership in January. I love gyms and the one I’m signing up with is a pretty nice one.

– I’m pretty sure there is probably a conspiracy behind the whole finding a cure for cancer thing. I’m sure by now trillions of dollars have went into this over the years and still nothing not even a smidge of something it just smells iffy if you ask me. If it is all a conspiracy then gosh that’s just a huge reminder of how evil man can be. Sure you may profit off of people generosity and hopes of a cancer free world, but what happens when you die? What then? Money shmoney this life is way more worth it then the hustle to get the dollar bill.

– I miss . . .

– I am really excited about the six-week dreaming with God class that I’m going to be starting this Sunday at church.

– Why do I always end up the really close cool friend instead of the really close cool friend I want to date and marry.

– Awkward?

– If you’re really funny and I really like you then you will make my cheeks hurt. You can ponder that one.

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