Healing . . .

I wish mental healing was like physical healing in most cases the body just over time heals itself. From cuts to fractures and even in some cases throwing up; the body does what it can to mend and balance itself.


Brain oh brain forget some things, forgive those things, think upon new things . . .

Heart of hearts love not that, don’t be enslaved by brokenness, thrash the seas, drown now in the only love and mercy which are able to set you free . . .

Eyes oh eyes do not blink lest you cry, peer ahead or gaze upward let the mirage of the past have no appeal . . .

Hands oh hands do not roam to preoccupy; time, space,      feeling.

O and you oh my mouth uttering no word goes you for so long, so much do you keep behind your pearly gates. Why do you not plead for understanding with your word, oh dear. You lastly do I address step forth and if you must not speak to the rest then speak alone with the one  true voice.


so heavy do you lie,

yet a champion awaits in me,

as I give way,

know that He will weigh

and cast you off of me.

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