1st Day of School, well not so much.

Today was the first day for the dreaming with God class I’m taking at church. It is off to a great start. We have to find a friend to be our dream journey buddy. I might ask Ash pash or Michellie.

Before class in the early am service Kris V. (love him!) spoke and talked a little but about one of his favorite subjects, SEX! At one point Kris was talking about the church tends to deal with young people going through puberty and he was mentioning how God made us with a sex drive after repeating it a couple of times this guy starts manifesting with the spirit of religion yelling at Kris. It was too hilarious . . . I might be wrong in finding it amusing, but it was; don’t worry though Banning and this other guy went and took care of it. At that moment you could feel in the room everyone thinking “I don’t know what planet you came from, but God made me with a sex drive”. Pahahhaha

Kris’s sermon series he started today was actually on the empowerment of women (not in a weird feminist sense, but more so putting things into perspective). It was very good I’ll have to get the cd’s and send it to some friends.

Did I mention that I love/hate the am service. I hate waking up, but love the golden aged crowd. Their hugs are always so warm. Me likey old people especiallys in winterz. 😀

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