Fremily Highlight

Introducing . . . (cue video [yes that means you! Press Play])



TODD a.k.a.: pt, john, toddles, pastie, don jackson . . .

This is my dad, pastor, friend, brother in Christ, ex-boss, personal leprechaun, entertainer and so much more.

Today is his birthday and it is epic!


Todd is an extremely amazing person. He’s one of those people who after you meet him and realize all the weightiness that is him: you wonder if he actually knows how big of a deal he is. At times he might just be: -The most hilarious person you’ve ever met. -The most straight forward person with no apologies. -Your conductor on the one way out of hell train. -The facilitator of one heck of a payback to whatever prank you’ve pulled on him. -The best guy everz.


Todd is married to the most amazing Christan.

I have analyzed my life a many of a times and I think I subconsciously try to imitate either one of their lives. As of now I’m on the Christan track of things working towards my degree in graphic design. Besides being married to the beautiful Christan he has done his duty of procreation resulting in the two most awesome boys ever.


Within these doors I have spent much of my life watching and learning from this man. He is a visionary who dares to go further and challenges those around to come with. He has an anointing, knowledge and presence that commands attention. Though in his older (I didn’t say old, just older) age he may walk softly, know that he always carries a big stick.


There’s not very much I can say about this man for if I start I would not be able to stop. So allow me to end this fremily introduction by saying Todd is an extremely amazing man and he’s very important to me.So a big 1, 2, 3, would you wish him a happy birthday with me.




3 thoughts on “Fremily Highlight

  1. I just crylaughed. That was pretty much amazing. Way better than the best birthday wish that I’ve ever gotten (well second to my Christan). I certainly do miss you. I prophesy that the Jackson 4 will show up at your house soon unannounced and totally make you crylaugh. Love you Schmavs.

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