The Gaze

At my job I tend to work the drive thru a lot: I have many joys and woes about that. The one thing I wish to discuss today is a woe. There are many men who come through the drive thru possibly more so than women, I should monitor this more closely it’s intriguing. Some of these men are pleasant, silver foxes’, a bit creepy, beautiful and some not so much those are usually the grumpy ones who look like someone squirted lemon juice in their  eye. Despite the vast array of S.B. men I would like to focus on the many who possess one similar quality . . . the gaze.

It thoroughly makes ever bone in my body shiver when men gaze at me and not in a good way. The gaze begins when I open the window and ends not even when I close the window. The gaze is a bit creepier than the average staring which can result from daydreaming, chance, or  interest. One may stare in many different states of being: anger, disgust, stupidity, excitement, wonder . . . However gazing is a blissful sort of being, but when done by old and young men through a drive thru window at a young woman it is a disgrace. Okay maybe not a disgrace entirely yet creepy none  the less.

With all that said

Dear future husband of mine, please do not upon first meeting me try  winning  my heart by gazing at me for long awkward periods of time, because I will think  you’re creepy no matter how handsome you are and then you will live unhappily ever after without me.

2 thoughts on “The Gaze

  1. Pahahaha. I totally know what you are talking about. Some guys who come into the office here do the ” gaze” and it’s soo creepy.

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