Off the Train!

I’m going to create a page called Off the Train (which you’ll be able to find at the top bar). I am going to try to update this daily with what my every day progress looks like on this trek.

I want to do this to establish some accountability with myself as well as you lovely readers. I also think it would be something cool for others to look into at times: following the trek of a back slider back home, because some people look at back sliding as such a dirty unfathomable thing. Yes, it’s horrid and most of the times back sliders are aware of their back sliding and are torn up by it, yet it can so discreetly set in and the ride down the mountain is so smooth and slightly  effortless. However, it’s just that: back sliding, you’re still in motion and you haven’t loss.

I encourage you if you are in a back slide state no matter whether you’ve ridden the train only a couple blocks away or your about to enter into obscured county: Get off!!!

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