I am driving down to Sacramento this upcoming Sunday to pick up some friends from the airport. Their flight doesn’t get in until eleven something at night, so I am going to make a day trip and hangout in Sacramento for the day. I’m excited! I haven’t been to Sacramento yet and I think it will be great fun visiting the capital of California. I have already planned out my eating endeavors for the day and am trying to make up my mind on the entertainment side of things. Redding is a smaller city so they don’t have as many food options as I’d like which will make the visit to Sac that much more enjoyable. I was hoping that I could have Chick fil a since I have been craving it, but it will be Sunday to my dismay. Oh well Chick fil a for another day.

Oh, I will also for certain be posting pics of my adventure to Sac sometime next week so check back.

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2 thoughts on “SAC

  1. Ok here’s the thing. I have been craving Chic-Fil-A since we moved to San Fran and the closest one is an hour away 😦 AND every time I convince Josh to drive the hour there and hour back, I realize that it’s Sunday and they aren’t even open. booo! haha! Oh the trials! I hope you have a great trip and get some good foods! πŸ™‚

    • Oh my goodness me too! Last week I totally convinced my roomie to let’s drive the two hours to get Chick Fil A and we were totally set to go when she remembered that it was Sunday. It’s like a cruel joke that keeps getting played on me. Next Paycheck I’m going to beat the game. So here’s the deal when we finally get Chick Fil A, I will just drive the extra hour and come bring the gingers and you some too! Hour old Chick Fil A is better than no Chick Fil A πŸ˜‰ Dang it now I want an ice-cream cone and waffle fries :*( whomp whomp.

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