Abort! Abort!

If there is one life lesson that I continue to be taught over and over its that you can not live this life for anyone else other than God. Yes, by living for God we serve others in many different ways, but that’s not what I want to focus on.

Tonight I had another one of my “freak outs” which have been frequent over the past few months about wanting to move. I know that God has something for me to receive from this place and by going to school at Bethel. Yet, things have been a bit shaky here and many circumstances unpleasant. Why have a braved it thus far you ask. Mainly, because a promise I made with my roommate that I’d be here another year. FAIL, right there . . . yep that was an epic FAIL as well as another enrollment for this ever occurring lesson I keep learning.

The issue wasn’t that I’d made a promise to stay, but the fact that it was my main reason for staying. When you begin to walkout what God has asked you to do based on another person(s) instead your relationship with God: then you will begin to resent that person or persons you’re trying to live for. That’s just straight up truth right there!

I think sometimes we choose to live for others around us, because it seems to be easier. They are tangible, we feel more accountable, they give us feedback and their opinions. That is such false truth though. If you really think about it, living for people is such a hard thing. They are so complicated, never fully satisfied, all have their differing opinions, unloving at times, unforgiving at times, they aren’t always right: plain and simple THEY AREN’T GOD.

I would encourage us all to look at the season we’re in now. First off, what is God wanting us to get out of this season? Secondly, are we making decisions based off of our relationship with the trinity or what some of the trillions of ‘faulty by nature’ people are saying?

If there are areas where you’ve aired to serve man instead of God, get a right perspective! Quickly before you begin to deeply resent the people who you are allowing to be your sole influence; most who are supposed to have reach in your life just not before nor in the position of God.

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