Some things that went wrong this morning besides the fact that my job required me to be at work at 4:15am:

My hair was not co-operating this morning. I think my hair is angry for forcing it to thrive in such a dry hot climate.

I opened with a shift that has only opened one other time before.

The night closers failed to stock some pretty important things.

Since it was my shift’s second time opening I had to do many of her duties on top of mine which fostered wild chaos.

I not only had to ring up drive thru and in-house people, but make their drinks as well. Luckily this only lasted for a short while.

All of this made me want to pull out my hair and gnash my teeth. However, when I awoke AN HOUR earlier than my alarm was supposed to go off this morning, I asked the Lord to help me to be positive and have a blessed day at work. Despite the oh so many negatives of the day, I kept a smile throughout the whole time and uplifted people’s day with legendary customer service. During the time waves of bafflement and rage began to roll near to shore, I chose to quiet myself encouraging my spirit man with my lethal tongue.

I’m so thankful God helped me through this day, He is soo good!!! No matter what arena, especially the service industry which tends to be so difficult, I want my light to shine brightly & outwardly!

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