The Parting of the People

Recently, I have come to terms with the fact that more of my friendships have and are fading away. Though, the realization is hard to accept at first, I will definitely say I have learned how to handle it in a healthy way. Before I would recoil and isolate myself not wanting to open up to new relationships.

I will always have a great love for the friends of my youth, but I’m finally following suit and giving in to the fading.

Now of course I know that you can have long distance friendships and even friendships where you don’t speak all the time. Yet, when people cease to care about what’s going on in your life, being there for you, continuing to cultivate a relationship with you . . . What’s the point? No one can force another person to be and or want to be their friend: I’m definitely not holding anyone at gun point. Let’s just  let the times fade.

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One thought on “The Parting of the People

  1. this is sooo sad, but i understand the feeling. it’s weird when you move away too, a lot harder to keep friendships up. it’s awesome being able to meet new people though. this past year i have made more friendships and i can not imagine not coming to carbondale. i feel so thankful for all the friendships here, but at the same time the ones back home(including you) will always have that “awww” in my heart.

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