1st Day of School!

First Day of School Cuteness hehehe 😉

I am sitting in the hebrews coffee shop at church waiting for the first day of school to start. I arrived earlier today for registration: checked in, talked to the financial advisers, received my swiper name tag (muahahahah), took my school photo, talked about my passport, met my revival group pastor and interns who all gave me awesome prophetic words that confirmed previously received prophetic words over the years. I have a large binder which is all organized with tabs and such, which thoroughly fills my love bank!!!!

Now having registered and read over my syllabus: I am so very excited for the year to begin and as much as I hate to say it I could actually see myself staying for another year of school.

*Funny note: This has happened during the course of me typing this email and I thought I should share, because I know some of you will find this hilarious! Okay so I am sitting at a larger table with about four chairs, because the smaller bistro tables were taken and this one is close to a plug and I need to charge my computer. Well BSSM brings in a ton of international students from all over the world, yet there are only a sprinkle of darker brown people in Redding let alone Bethel. Well the only other brown girls I have seen here yet have both asked to sit at my table pahaha how funny is that!!! One is from Essex in England the other from London.

Well as the day unfolds I’m sure there will be many more things to occur I will let you know how the full day goes later on.

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