Let’s Hear It For Germany

Hey guys, Yes, I am THE GUEST BLOGGER!!
My name is Sabrina, I’m the roomie of Avalon and according to her the “cutesiest German ever” and thanks to her the whole world can read my bangs/no-bangs-story now

Today I have the honor to share something with you I was thinking about a lot lately…it’s actually a really simple thought but just understanding it isn’t enough…it’s about living it out!!


That was my latest revelation…it’s actually really simple: We simply can’t do anything without Him…we’re so dependent on God!!

Have you ever seen a branch that was able to produce fruit while being cut off of the tree? It simply doesn’t work!! And it’s the same with us…we can try so hard to produce something…if we aren’t connected with the source we will never be able to produce fruit! And worse than that, we will wither because we won’t get water from the living source!! God is the source of everything…intimacy and love from God…that’s the living water we need every single day!!

That’s why I want to encourage you…if you have made a New Year’s Resolution to do more for the Lord this year…give it up!! Just make sure to be connected to the source and be filled with His love and everything He has for you every single day…then, the rest will come without you doing anything for it…because, God, the source, will give you what you need!! Without Him, we can do nothing…it’s all about intimacy and love!!


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One thought on “Let’s Hear It For Germany

  1. I was so not expecting you to write about this, but that is such great revelation. Especially en light of New Years Resolutions that usually end up in people giving up. So good! Thanks Sabie!!!

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