Core Values…

I'm a hilarious little nerd who knows how to have fun and that makes my life really bright.

I’m a hilarious little nerd who knows how to have fun and that makes my life really bright.

I was out catching up with a friend last night and they were telling me how one focus God has had them working on this season is how to live a celebratory lifestyle. My friend having noticed that my lifestyle and relationship with God is very celebratory asked me what were some of my core values and what things I do to live that type of life.

Very great question… I didn’t have an answer.

I sat there for a bit though, trying to quickly asses my life and what I do to contribute to celebration & true joy.

What I came up with was child likeness.

I am a child and wisdom happens to be one of my best friends.

I have faith like a child and that’s something I make a point to protect as well as grow further into; my daddy is able to do all!

I have an imagination and I spend time in it.

I dream, I dream big and if I’m able to think of it then by golly it can be done, whether now, in the future or in heaven.

I look for beauty in everything, I watch it when it’s found and I celebrate it.

I believe in people, because I truly believe that God loves them and desires relationships with all of us.

I celebrate people! Even if I’m not particularly fond of someone I ask God to show me how He views them and I take that as my reality.

I celebrate people!

I join in with nature, because nature is constantly celebrating!

I laugh a lot. God cracks me up and I crack Him up. We laugh together. I laugh at myself. I laugh at Him. We laugh at each other and others.

I celebrate what He has created!

I celebrate His kids!

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