To Forgive or Not To Forgive? *Book Review*

There is only one right answer to that question…

I’m reading The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness by Kris & Jason Valotton. I’m nearing the end of chapter two and I am floored!

Let me back up and say I purchased this book along with some others about a year ago to refresh my personal library. Since I’ve become quite the vagabond I neglected to check the address selected on Amazon and didn’t find out until a past housemate informed me it had arrived on the other side of the U.S. to their house. As I thought I would be heading out that way for a visit soon and knowing she is quite the book-worm herself I said she could just open up the box to read anything she would like. Needless to say the visit never happened, but I ended up moving back for a time period and have been reunited with my not so new, new purchases!

Okay back to the book!!! While being enrolled at BSSM, Jason had shared bits & pieces of his journey of forgiveness with us, but his book is like an intimate sit down across a bistro coffee table as he opens his chest so you can closely inspect his heart. It is raw, real, intimate and impacting.

I hope your brain, heart & soul are salivating for a peek into this book.

I shall oblige here are some of my favorite excerpts thus far:

“I was completely engulfed in the serenity of that moment. Someone like me – the someone whom I have wanted more than any other someone.”

“You can pray a thousand prayers, but it seems like the one the Lord decides to answer is the one you should have never prayed.”

“Through a mouth full of tears, she began to say, “I have never been in love with you, I don’t have any vision for our future and I don’t feel like you have any passion. I feel like I am dying in this relationship.” As she continued to speak, I just looked at her, wondering what she was even talking about. How does a person come to a conclusion after nine years of marriage and three kids that there has never been a spark in their relationship?”

Soooo that’s enough for now. I’ll review the whole book once I’m done, but I was so excited by how good it’s been so far that I just had to share a little.


Reading is FUN kids!




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