I have skills – Packing for the trip from Cali to Texas. No garment left behind!

IMG_0352 IMG_0348


Just saying…


I made super healthy/ fabulous tasting broth, turkey, barley stuffing and sweet potato pie done three ways with no sugar added (let’s give it up for dates & agave *cheers*).

IMG_0159 IMG_0161 IMG_0160


One of my besties is dating… I’m so sad she is all the way in Indiana. I will just have to use my long distance intimidation tactics to make sure he’s up to the task.



My cutesiest German, Sabie!!! Her name is really Sabrina and she is the best! I convinced her that she should try her hair with no bangs and now she’s a diva. She will say, “I’m so glad I finally made the decision to do no bangs”, but we both no who really helped with the inspiration 😉



When it rains it pours and when it leaks it falls…?

IMG_0100 IMG_0098


An awesome gift Papa laid out for me during a prophetic thrifting excursion. He loves me!

IMG_0092 IMG_0093


My curlicous (my word you can check my dictionary for proof) hair is so wonderfully soft today Oooo Ya!


How do I get my dear Alison to help me with things you may ask. Well that’s simple I just put on The Little Mermaid and put tools in her hand 😉


I have started some projects for the move to the new place. Here’s just a teaser of something I have to work with others will be coming soon. Who knows maybe I’ll get all Young House Love on you and make an apt. transformation tab 😉


The largest butterfly I have ever beheld flew into my car today. No exaggeration what so ever!


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